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Property – Application of Terms of Use

Please read thoroughly the following terms of use for the present website, before you decide to use it.

The following terms of use apply to the websites spyridonadam.com and spyridonadam.net, which may be referred to below indiscriminately as “website”, “site”, “blog”, “us”, “our” etc.

They aim to inform you about the personal data and information we collect, how we use it, how we protect it and what kind of privacy choices you have.

All website content belongs solely and exclusively to Spyridon Adam.
Every user who enters and navigates this site is considered to have provided consent and unconditional acceptance of the terms expressed herein, without exception.

Any other Terms and Conditions are expressly excluded.

If a user does not agree with these terms, he/she must refrain from using the website and the information contained therein.

1. Users’ Obligations – Personal Data – Newsletter

Spyridonadam.com allows the user to register in a list of email subscibers. The user’s email address is required to subscribe. The user receives an e-mail with registration instructions.

The website provides Newsletter service (automated platform). In each Newsletter, there is an “unsbuscribe” link.

Spyridonadam.com may process part or all of the data submitted by users for statistical purposes and to improve its services – information.

The user can contact the respective administrator of the website spyridonadam.com in order to cross-check the existence of any personal file, its correction, change or deletion either by phone at (0030) 210-2844517 or by e-mail at info@spyridonadam.com

2. Modification of the terms hereof

Spyridonadam.com reserves the right to alter or modify the terms and conditions herein without prior notice. Any modification takes instant effect upon publication on spyridonadam.com.

3. Legal Statement – Disclaimer

The content of this website can in no way be interpreted or construed as providing legal advice to any of its users and in no case may the information contained therein be construed as establishing a lawyer-client relationship. The legal content of the website is provided as is for information purposes and may not include the latest legislative and jurisprudential developments.

All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract or other agreement, advice, covenant or contract of any kind between spyridonadam.com, its authors or any related person or entity and any third party, except if explicitly defined.

Although the information on spyridonadam.com is considered trustworthy, there is no warranty provided, express or implied, as to its accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness, whether this information is interpreted partially or in its entirety.

All information is provided “as is”.

Disclaimer applies to all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including – but not limited to – implied warranties of merchantability, marketability, fitness for the purpose, freedom from computer virus infection, non-infringement of copyright, industrial or intellectual property or any other kind of rights.

It is possible that periodically changes are made to the information, which may or may not be incorporated into the content of the page, without the need for any prior notice

If you find any errors or omissions, we encourage you to report them by e-mail to the authors or to: info@spyridonadam.com

Spyridonadam.com, its authors, and all related persons:

– are not responsible for any inappropriate or incorrect use of the information on this website,

– assume no liability to any third party for the use it makes or the confidence it shows in this information,

– are not liable for any damage or loss (of any kind, for any reason, however caused) resulting in any way from the use of this website, even if there has been a warning about the possibility of such damage

3.1. Disclaimer of Alleged Approval, Recommendation, or Favor of any kind.

Spyridonadam.com may sometimes offer or refer to content provided by third parties. Any opinion, advice, statement, service, offer, information or content of any kind expressed or made available by third parties is attributed to them and does not necessarily reflect the views of spyridonadam.com

Reference to a particular trademark, process, collective or service under the trademark, distinctive title, trademark, manufacturer, or in any other way does not constitute, nor does it imply endorsement, recommendation, or favoritism on part of spyridonadam.com

3. 2. Disclaimer for External Links

Spyridonadam.com assumes no responsibility for the content of any reference or link to external websites and is not responsible for the content of the latter in any way. The risk of damage or injury is borne entirely by the user. Links from spyridonadam.com to other websites do not constitute a recommendation, endorsement or agreement by spyridonadam.com

These links are provided for informational purposes only. It is the user’s responsibility to evaluate the content and usefulness of the information received from other websites. You should address any concerns regarding any external linking to the administrator or webmaster of this site. If you choose to follow one of these links, the policies on this external page will take effect until you return to spyridonadam.com

3.3. Disclaimer regarding Duty to Continued Data Provision.

Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, resources that are free and publicly available one day may require a fee or restricted access the next, and the location of items may change as menus, homepages, and files are reorganized. The user expressly agrees that use of the Department’s website is at the user’s sole risk. The website does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error free. The documents and related graphics published on this server could contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. The website or its respective divisions and programs may make improvements or changes in the information and programs described herein at any time.

3.4. Appropriate application of the Terms of Use on the Social Networking Websites

The terms of use of this website apply mutatis mutandis to profiles, groups and in general to social networking sites where spyridonadam.com maintains its presence in any way.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Every text, idea, proposal, image, mark, distinctive feature etc contained in this website is the intellectual creation of Spyridon Adam, and it is prohibited in any way to use, reproduce, reprint, republish, copy, modify, distribute its contents even partially in any way, without it the prior written consent of the site owner.

The user reserves the right to individually store part of this content solely for personal use and not for public or commercial use and always with a reference to spyridonadam.com as their source, without prejudice in any way regarding the relevant intellectual property rights. Any prohibited, otherwise not expressly authorized use of the content of the website, according to the above, is subject to civil and / or criminal liability.

In case of republishing an already published text, the editorial team of spyridonadam.com states that this takes place without the intention of commercial or other exploitation, but for the fullest information of the user / public and always provided that the author and the source are indicated, provided that this information is available at the source, in application of the copyright legislation, but also in accordance with the constitutionally guaranteed freedome of dissemination of information.  

5. Website hosting – Hyperlinks – Limitation of Liability

Spyridonadam.com enables users to navigate to other websites through links, solely for the convenience of the visitor and / or user. Spyridonadam.com does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality or completeness of the services of other sites (websites) and pages to which it refers through links (hyperlinks) or banners. Therefore, for any problem that arises during their visit / use, visitors and / or users must directly address the respective web sites, which are fully responsible for the provision of their services, spyridonadam.com not undertaking any relevant responsibility whatsoever. The spyridonadam.com should in no way be construed as endorsing or accepting the content or services of these sites and the pages to which it refers, or as to be linked to them in any way.

6. Cookies

Spyridonadam.com may use cookies to identify the visitor / user of certain services and pages of spyridonadam.com. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of each visitor / user and do not receive knowledge of any document or file from his/her computer. They are used only to facilitate the visitor / user access to specific services of spyridonadam.com and for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which the services of spyridonadam.com are useful or popular.

The visitor / user can configure the server used by him/her to accept or deny the use of cookies taking into account that in this way he/she affects the transmission of data from spyridonadam.com as well as the quality of the information and services provided by the website, for the impairment of the quality of which spyridonadam.com bears no responsibility.

The servers (servers) owned by third parties contracted with spyridonadam.com, may automatically collect (through the mechanisms built into each site) information for the users of the website for statistical purposes.

We have access to this information only after it has been anonymized and only in the form of statistical data, which can be used to improve the design and content of this website (via analytics).

7. Privacy Policy and Personal Data

7. 1. Nature of information we collect

The only type of personal data we collect is your email address, if and when you decide to sign up for spyridonadam.com automatic alerts (registration form).

Το μοναδικό είδος προσωπικών δεδομένων που συλλέγουμε είναι το email (διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου) σας, αν και όποτε εσείς αποφασίσετε να εγγραφείτε στις αυτόματες ειδοποιήσεις του «spyridonadam.com» (βλ. δεξιά στήλη στη φόρμα εγγραφής).

7.2. Contact Form

The personal data disclosed to us through the contact form is collected and processed only if and if you choose to use it, and only in the context of the communication requested by you. If these communications constitute a proposal or communication related to a case, they are covered by lawyer – client confidentiality.

7. 3. Subscription via Email

Email addresses are collected through an automated platform, if and when you choose to subscribe via email. These addresses are stored in a database (email list), to which only we have access.

The service automatically sends updates to the email addresses of your choosing, at a frequency of your choice, for each new post on spyridonadam.com

You can unsubscribe at any time, by opening any message that has sent to you by spyridonadam.com, by clicking the link “unsubscribe” link (usually found below the text of the message).

In case you choose this option, the deletion of your data will again take place automatically and spyridonadam.com will not have any communication with you from that point on.

If you notice that you continue to receive updates despite clicking the unsubscribe link, please contact info@spyridonadam.com and we will take any action necessary to swiftly protect your data and delete it from our list.

7. 4. Managing Email Addresses

We do not check the validity of your email or any other information that may arise from your subscription (eg your name if you use it as part of your email address).

Spyridonadam.com will never send you spam (unsolicited communication), nor will it send you any commercial, political, advertising or other intrusive content.

However, spyridonadam.com reserves the right, for as long as you have not been removed from its email subscribers list, to inform you by e-mail of any breaking news, event or announcement related to the website or its topics (eg seminars, conferences, special events, legislation, participation, actions etc.).

Spyridonadam.com will never knowingly give your information to any third party and for absolutely no reason, unless:

– the data is necessary to third parties that we may choose to hire to offer us technical assistance regarding further informational dissemination services, which parties are – of course – not authorized, nor have the ability to collect, use or process your data in any way shape or form without the supervision and active active participation spyridonadam.com

– it is in compliance to a prosecutor’s or an investigator’s order, an ordinance, a decision of a court or other competent public authority issued in accordance with applicable law.

8. Data Security

Spyridonadam.com takes every precaution and takes every reasonable action to keep your data safe.

The choice of processing through automated platforms, was intentionally chosen, so that as few (human) errors as possible were involved.

No internet traffic, however, is 100% secure. This is something you should keep in mind in any case: whether you are giving your email, commenting on an article, sending us messages through email or social media.

9. Comment Policy

Spyridonadam.com reserves the right to activate approval or mitigation services or even prohibit comments and / or anonymous commenting.

The following should be noted:

– Each comment represents its author only, and does not necessarily reflect the views of spyridonadam.com

– Insulting, defamatory or other illegal comments will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

– In no case will abusive comments addressed to the other commenters in spyridonadam.com be tolerated.

– In addition to illegal comments, comments that are intentionally off topic, irrelevant, provocative and intended to provoke explosive reactions (troll) are prohibited.

Spyridonadam.com reserves the right to block without prior notice or explanation users who have violated the present terms of use.

10. Applicable Law

In the event of a dispute or any claim regarding this website, Greek law will apply, regardless of the nature of the dispute.

For all actions or legal proceedings that arise or are related to these Terms of Use, including but not limited to: their validity, application, fulfillment or violation or their content, the Courts of Athens are competent, whose jurisdiction the user unreservedly acknowledges and recognizes.

Notwithstanding the above, spyridonadam.com reserves the right to exercise its legal rights before the Courts of the place of violation of the terms of use.

Athens, Monday, March 29, 2021